About Us

Think Yorùbá First is a sociocultural and socio conservative organization that is organized exclusively for the promotion of Yorùbá in the realm of education, science, culture and self preservation ideology. The organization is a Yorùbá conservative group that believe in the conservation of Yorùbá and is committed to protecting our heritage through advocacy and liasing with other groups.

The organization is registered as a charitable non profit organization.
Our activities centered around: Promotion of culture and traditions of the Yorùbá people, promoting the conservation of the Yorùbá identity, language and ideologies via Yorùbá nationalism drive.

The Yorùbá are a pride of the black race, we hail from the Western Region of present day Nigeria and are indigenous to the regions extending to adjacent countries including Togo, Republic of Benin and Ghana. We are also transatlantic and many of our descendants are now domiciled in Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago by virtue of the unfortunate events in the Atlantic age. From Yorùbá creations history, Ile-Ife is the cradle of Yorùbá people and considered to be the site of creation of Mother Earth, according to Yoruba mythology, it is from Ile Ife that civilization arose for all mankind .

Constantly learning, evolving, and seeking out new ways is our approach to make a difference and amplify our impact. We believe in the power of community and strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all members.

We are a movement of everyday people, standing together to create a better world. Join us in this self preservation of the Yoruba people. Together, we can create real and lasting change. Feel free to contact us.