Membership Registration

You are required to pay your membership subscription to have full access to Think Yoruba First website. Access to products like E-Library, join the book reading club, Yoruba language class etc.

Membership Types

Homeland Membership: For Yoruba individuals residing in West Africa, an initial joining fee of $1.60 (N1,500) is applicable, followed by a monthly due of $1 (N500).

Diaspora Membership: Diaspora membership is designed for Yoruba individuals residing in locations outside of West Africa. Two subscription plans are available:

Diaspora Monthly

  • Initial joining fee: $10
  • Monthly dues: $20
  • This plan operates on an auto-renewal basis, ensuring seamless continuation of membership.

Diaspora Yearly

  • Initial joining fee: $10
  • Yearly dues: $240
  • This plan offers an annual auto-renewal subscription option, facilitating long-term membership commitment.

Diaspora Single Month

  • Initial joining fee: $10
  • Single month dues: $20
  • Members opting for this plan are required to use the Diaspora renewal form for manual renewal at the end of each month.