Boss maker Scholarship

TYF Boss maker Scholarships is a program launched to provide funds for Yoruba sons and daughters to learn a skilled job that will empower them to be self employed and become a producer. Applicants are selected based on strict guidelines and proof of the work training completion is required for any qualified applicants. Scholarships are limited to two awardees per year. 

2023 semi annual winner

2023 semi annual winner of TYF Boss maker Scholarship: 

Awardee: Taiwo Odunayo Omotoyosi

Project / Boss Making Skill: Adire and Batik Making 

Course Duration: 1 month (3rd of May – 3rd of June, 2023) Training Location: Ibadan, Nigeria.
Total Training Cost: #80,000 which entail:
• Training Fee – #40,000
• Accomodation – #20,000
• Training Materials – #20,000

Amount awarded by TYF: #80,000