Many Yoruba people are emotional instead of being logical when it comes to the analysis of the Abrahamic religions as regards the roles they played in the destruction of Yoruba civilization. It is very common to see people with little knowledge of the religious leanings of a writer of an article accusing him or her of “hatred” for Christianity or “Islam” when colonial policies of external invaders are called out most especially when it comes to the Weaponization of such religious belief in destruction of indigenous Ethnic culture and belief.

The Spanish Conquistadors weaponized catholicism when they wanted to Justify the destruction of books written by Aztecs about Science and Technology in current day Mexico (Aztec empire). Many pyramids were broken into pieces by Catholic priests who called those structures the architecture of the devil. The Aztecs who had developed their own unique writing system for more than four (4) centuries before the arrival of the European hooligans were prevented from using this unique meso-american script system from advancing their unique science and technology that could rival any knowledge system in the world.

Colonial policies around the world are the same most especially in Africa. It is based solely on the destruction and “demonization” of indigenous languages, cultures, value systems, and civilisations. Bishop Ajayi Crowther, a slave returnee ( Saro) of Yoruba origin, who was trained by Europeans for the sole aim of proselytising the Yoruba people for Christianity called Satan, a biblical Judeo-Christian rebellious character “Esu” a unique Yoruba Orisa, in a bid to “Abrahamise” Yoruba civilization and spirituality. This has led to the demonisation of those who practice these Yoruba religions and has made Christianity look “superior” while making Yoruba religions look “diabolical and backward”.

Christianity is not the problem, but the Weaponization of Christianity to promote European supremacy. Yoruba people must continue to Yorubanize our Christian value system just like the way Ethiopia, Ethiopianized Christianity, or the way Britain Anglicized Christianity, in order to protect themselves from external colonialism.

Oladimeji Bolarinwa

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