The Language of the Heavens

Igba Irunmole olukotun, Igba Irunmole Olukosi …” are referred to as incantations to summon the supernatural powers. Could it be said that in these words are certain codes to decode the mystery of mankind? Growing up, the idea of heavenly language is often depicted as some foreign tongues that do not bear any semblance to the language that I speak. The heavenly language was those only spoken by those in trance at white garment churches and later on by suits wearing dapper G. Os, they are esoteric languages that are only deciphered by the anointed, it is not a language to be deciphered by the ordinary mind.

Heavenly language is also that of the Arabs. The Arabic language, with the twist and turns and the whipping lashes of the Malim that often whipped the language into your brain, it has to be the language of the heavens. It’s a language that we have to learn in rote memory, albeit we do not know the meaning of the words, to the learner this language will help you understand the angels on the day of Kiyamot when you will be queried of your doings on earth. So, if you don’t learn this heavenly language, you will not be able to communicate with the angels. The only problem is that this language was also not that of my ancestors and not my mother’s tongue therefore it must be such an important language that I had to be beaten to learn.

So, the character of heavenly language is that they are complex, esoteric, enigmatic, nonnative and godly. As a Yoruba mind, it’s baffling and has always been a constant source of inquisition for me why the language of heavens had to be that which I do not understand. But then I had a Eureka moment! If the language of the heavens is esoteric, complex, enigmatic, and secluded and their job is to do extraordinary things, then those words must be in the same category as the Yoruba Ọọfọ. If my ancestors had used Ọọfọ to summon heavenly events such as rain and thunderstorms, then they must be speaking the language of the heavens! Perhaps the complexity and riddles of Ọọfọ are specific codes that were released by OLODUMARE to my ancestors as a means to connect the heaven and earth. So, all along, I have been speaking the language of the heavens.

Self-consciousness is a journey in which every individual needs to embark to find new meanings in the old and discover who we were and who we are meant to be. Each race, creed, and culture has been bestowed with a heritage unique to itself and it is in the full utilization of that which we were bestowed that we can make new discoveries and evolve. “Igba Irunmole olukotun eat certain things, Igba Irunmole olukosi also eats certain things” these statements are heavenly and it’s communicating something to us, let’s rediscover ourselves and our heavenly inheritance.

Dr. Bukola Adeniji

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