Ethnic Nationalism and Revolution

Another way to look at the Yoruba self-determination movement for the actualization of the Sovereign Yoruba Nation (state) is:
1. It’s a REVOLUTION, but these revolutionists understand the diversity of “Nigeria”. They say there can never be a United Revolution in Nigeria.


These people believe that there’s clash of civilizations and divergent world views in Nigeria, different ethnicities, languages, cultures and even Religion amongst others! SW revolution could adversely affect SE people and vice versa,
There goes the notion, anti-US or anti-them, anti-South or anti-North, #EndSARS is a clear example!. Therefore this leads to:

  1. Ethnic Nationalism: These revolutionists understand that humans have, over time, categorized
    Based on world view, location, civilizations, ethnicity, language, religious faiths, skin, geo-politics, etc., they seek to choose to do their REVOLUTION from an “ethnicity point of contact” since they have similar culture, language, heritage,

A historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity and/or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture – Nation. They don’t want to be seen as Anti-them or us.

  1. Stratification: although,these revolutionists want a revolution across Nigeria,West Africa and even Africa as whole,they believe this revolution should start from their individual Ethnic nations, then which will spread across to become “All Africa”
  2. Change of World order: these revolutionists want to decolonize Africa starting from 1884/5 Berlin conference partitioning Africa and balkanization of organic identity, civilizations, people, ethnic nationalities into several “European” countries in Africa,

e.g., Yoruba, indigenous to Nigeria, the Benin Republic, and Togo, French-speaking and English-speaking! For economic extraction! With the pseudo independence of these so-called African countries, new countries shall emerge and shall be powerful amongst world powers.

These new countries shall be very stable, similar world view and civilization, similar heritage, philosophy, epistemology, mythology etc, these will help in total decolonization of True Africa.

  1. Cultural renaissance and decolonization: These revolutionists want to decolonize Africa, build a true Afrocentric education system, develop and improve African medicine, decolonize mindsets, and make innovations and technological advancements in many fields of study.

Promote an Afrocentric (Yoruba) worldview, mythology, philosophy, epistemology, and society built on Orunmila philosophy, which is embedded in the Yoruba knowledge bank named IFA, esoteric knowledge, and an optimized Yoruba system of government with inclusiveness, egalitarianism, etc.

  1. Self determination, self interest and self preservation: Self-determination denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order.

Self preservation: the protection of oneself from harm or death, especially regarded as a basic instinct in human beings and animals,survival preservation instinct,self-defense, self-protection,survival instinct, defence.

There are many ethnicity, language, peoples that are no more in the world, they were exterminated by deliberate introduction of diseases into their population, slavery, genocides etc, examples are many! Self preservation can resist and prevent this!

  1. Sovereign Yoruba Homeland for all Yoruba people in the world: in the world of racism, xenophobia, genocides, war. Homeland is needed as safe haven and great place for their interests in the world.

I am for an independent or sovereign Yoruba nation. We shall be the OGO ADULAWO, where true African development shall happen in every aspect. An example of a great African nation It isnationalism,m not tribalism,nepotism,m ethnicsupremacism,m bigotry, or ethno-fascism.

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