The BBC documentary “Bandit warlords of Zamfara” makes the argument that Fulani are marginalized which is justified, contrary to that, we would say while the Fulani are marginalized in Nigeria, this is not only unique to them, but is also true of other ethnic groups.

  1. Other Ethnicities are neglected, for example: Lagos, of the states of the Yoruba People, makes the highest VAT in Nigeria, has a operational sea port which no Yoruba has ever held the highest position, states like Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states are topmost in VAT and Revenue while Zamfara last year made #500M in 8 months and got #35BN in return, other states like Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, Anambra and Oyo states etc. had theirs slashed to share to states in primarily northern Nigeria except for Kaduna.


VAT: What states generated, received in past 8 months [Full Details]


  1. Yoruba has a large number of unemployed B.S., M.S., and PhD graduates. Yoruba mothers who sell akara, peppers and fathers who sell plywood, farm, fish, and build houses will do their best to send their kids to school, but there aren’t any jobs for them. Our people are forced to participate in Internet scams and prostitution. The fortunate are forced to migrate to Europe and the US, among other countries. Some go through the Sahel into Libya, where they suffer, are sexually abused, and starve to death. Yorubaland has the highest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, yielding millions of graduates with no jobs.

Yoruba youths have still not taken up arms against Igbo or Fulani or Tiv or Hausa, while ravaging their communities and torturing and killing thousands of Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, and other people in the pretext of just being marginalized.

Despite being the majority in the North, most Hausa children go to school the almajirici system.

In the Middlebelt, Fulani militias are killing Tiv, Berom, Tangale, and other indigenous while they sleep, in their homes, and on their fields. Are they also marginalizing Fulani?


Fulani armed groups killed Yoruba What have Yoruba people done to the Fulani, murdering them in their sleep in Igangan masaccre?

Many of these Fulani elites have oil wells in ND, oil meant for the indigenous peoples of Niger delta. When they had grievances, they did not go around killing Yoruba people, Igbo people, etc. Instead, they targeted government facilities, oil facilities, workers, and government parastatals only. Their community was polluted and there was no industrialization. Fulani, who has no oil, no gas, and just self-adulation, should provide them with additional benefits ,raped cows and milk from udders are justifying what they do!

Which Ethnicity is Enjoying in Nigeria?

What was their leader Ahmadu Bello doing when the Western Region obtained free education under the leadership of Sage Obafemi Awolowo?

No Ethnicity owes anything to any race! Yoruba didn’t colonize them.

Their entitlement syndrome is evident.

They began murdering the indigenous and ethnic Dogon people in Mali, citing their restriction from grazing areas and scarcity of land, but the Dogon eventually organized their own militias to protect themselves.

Additionally, they are wreaking carnage in Northern Cameroon.


Seleka rebels (Majorly Fulani) were established in the Central African Republic to topple the christian president till anti-balaka group retaliation despite being Minority Muslim.


Millions are killed and injured in Sudan’s Dafur and Abiyeh regions by Janjaweed (majorly Fulani)


The mostly Fulani Macina Liberation Front, which was founded in Mali, later joined with Ansarul and other terror organizations to form JNIM, which terrorizes Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, and other countries.


Thousands of people have been murdered when they slept in the middle belt, yet Al-Jazeera, BBC, and other foreign media refer to it as a FARMER-HERDERS CLASH/CONFLICT, avoiding the label “Genocide” in their reporting.

It is conquest to gain land, become sedentary fulani, gain mineral and natural resources since they are in and on land, gain access to water by killing indigenous peoples and displacing them, in contrast to deceptive narrative that it is because of marginalization, climate change, scarcity of land, water, and farmers-herders clash.


What started like a little misunderstanding between Fulani herdsmen and kuteb farmers in January, 2022 has now become a total invasion and occupation of no fewer than 25 communities by Armed Fulani Bandits.

Scores of people lost their lives and over 120,000 were displaced in 25 communities.


Over 100,000 indigenous people have been killed by Armed Fulani Militias and Millions displaced and in IDP camps. Communities taken over.


Hundreds of Indigenous Yoruba farmers have been killed in their farms, women raped and murdered, many abducted for ransoms.

This has led to Food insecurity, restrictions, pain and anquish.

On June 1, 2021.

Fulani Militias invaded Igangan , a community in Oyo State while the locals were asleep, more than 30 were killed , both male and female, young and old, houses were burned and even the palace of the traditional head, OBA.

On June 1, 2022.

Fulani Militias/Ansaru terror group/ISWAP terror group invaded St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo, more than 40 were murdered in the Church.

In Yewa community, Ogun state.

Many were killed, Thousands of locals were forcefully driven away from their communities, they fled to Republic Of Benin to seek Asylum.


Armed Fulani Militias generally called Bandits (who were predominantly Cattle herders/Pastoralists) massacre ethnic Hausa who are predominantly farmers and Its vigilante group called Yan Sakai who defends their communities. Thousands have been killed by Fulani Bandits, abducted for ransom and thousands displaced from their communities.

Additionally, Ansaru terror group, predominantly Fulani (a splinter group of Boko-Haram) seeks to Establish Sokoto Caliphate governed by strict Salafism and shariah law, they kill Christians, military etc.

It has pledged allegiance to Al-qaeda.

They are present in Mali too, partnered with AQIM.

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