As Nigeria burns and its trapped people suffer, the British continue to devise ways to ensure that the nations that occupy the territory they created called Nigeria continue to suffer till eternity without any hope or future.

Britain a few years ago, did the unthinkable to become the first country in Europe to exit the European Union. This was only possible via hardcore English nationalism masquerading itself as British interests and identity preservation. Due to that singular event, the United Kingdom is about to disintegrate because nationalists from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have decided that the English will no longer decide their future after over 800 years of servitude to the English crown ruled by the house of Windsor.

Nigeria one of the creations of the English hegemony has continually served as the cash cow and mineral resources depot for Britain. This was the reason why the colonial territory was created in 1884 through genocide, the enslavement of the indigenous people and the colonialization of different indigenous civilizations. Politically, economically and militarily the British have continued to determine the future of the unfortunate people who became Nigerians by the narcissistic behavior of the English people.

To make things clearer, Nigeria is Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel and India forced into the same country, forced to live together through the use of force and bloodshed for the purpose of destroying indigenous African civilisations, history and potential. Despite the fact that we live in an age where people most especially the west talk about liberal democracy, and human rights which includes the right to self determination, the British government continues to treat Nigeria like its eternal estate and the people within it as conquered people.

CATRIONA LAING, the current British ambassador has become the new lord lugard of the 21st century. She has been jumping left and right within the contraption called Nigeria telling the indigenous people who have been held hostage by Fulani Islamists to continue their slavery in the name of one Nigeria. She has been telling the Yoruba Nation, the Igbo nation and every other enslaved people to forget their dreams of getting free and embrace eternal subjugation in the name of “unity in diversity” and maintaining the colonial contraption and plantation that her forefathers created on the blood and tears of indigenous people.

If hypocrisy has another name, it should be the British ambassador, Catrina Laing. How many Yoruba, Igbo or Ijaw people decided to globe trot across the United kingdom to tell British citizens to stay in the European Union? Yet this hypocrite wants democrats, egalitarians and republicans to co-exist with salafists, wahabists, terror apologists, extremists, fanatics, theocrats and feudalists in the name of one Nigeria. We know better than our misery is your gain Catriona Laing and we also know that our suffering is your joy. That has been the situation of things ever since the English colonial thugs came into the shores of West Africa most especially in YORUBALAND.

Somewhere I read, that all men are born equal, somewhere I also read that self determination is a fundamental human right. The Yoruba people shall be free, from this dungeon which your ancestors created, Cathrina Laing. As the Irish fought bitterly and valiantly against the colonialism and wickedness of the British government in the 20th century, the Yoruba people will do the same against your machinations in this 21st century.

Never again, will the descendants of Lord lugard sentence the Yoruba people to another period of servitude. The interest and self preservation of the Yoruba people are more crucial than the demonic gains of slavery, racism and colonialism that the British government has continued to promote in Yorubaland.

We shall be free.

Think Yoruba First.

Oladimeji Bolarinwa

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