Africa in the Multi-Polar World

A new dawn

What is Africa’s fate in a Multi-Polar World?

This is a question that should keep you awake at night. You, as an African must not deny the responsibility of foreseeing what is to come and creating a path to navigate a more favourable outcome.

At the Berlin conference in 1884, Africa’s fate was decided in its absence, it’s Ethnic Nations and Empires were dissolved and reclassified as Tribes with absolute disrespect for the existing borders and Ethnicities that existed.

Africans were drafted to fight and die on behalf of their respective colonial masters all through their history over the past 5+ centuries. After WW2, our fate was sealed as the Third World under the Global Financial System controlled by the “Rule-Based Order”.

For centuries, Africa has been seen as a plague-infested expanse of Land on which the world excavates the resources it requires to industrialise, build and innovate a future for its people. All of which were priced beyond the reach of Africans.

At the birth of the International “Rule-Based Order” (United Nations) in 1945, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States were given the veto power – the power to say no to any resolution even those which involve all nations in the UN General Assembly. There is no African Nation among the permanent members.

Africa has been taken as a pariah in the eyes of the world. Seen to be incapable of charting a way forward for its people without acknowledging the effect of the colonial borders, system, and corporations to which Africans are still subjected.

The League of Disgruntled Nuclear Powers

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This singular action has fundamentally changed the world we live in, but it seems we are not aware. Of all the changes that have transpired in this short time, none is more important than the move of the world towards a multi-polar order. Before now, we lived in a unipolar world with the USA charting the course as it sees fit on behalf of the Western civilisation. This is no more.

Since the creation of the UN 77 years ago, nations have been continuously sorted and fitted into the fold. But nations have risen who throughout this period have evolved to not fit in this system and have been cast out all but name.

The League of Disgruntled Nuclear Powers (LDNP) has formed. Consisting of Russia, China, India, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan. This group of nations does not fit into the current “Rule-Based Order” and they are seen as a threat to the current global order.

The Great Conundrum

The great conundrum of today is the fate of LDNP. They cannot be allowed to exist but their existence cannot be questioned with ramifications bordering on the destruction of the world.

The LDNP have come to realise that continuous silence will bring them no benefits. These nations have sacrificed a lot to master the greatest technologies known to mankind including the sacred nuclear option. It is the master of this sacred nuclear option that allows them to exist today. This deterrence has forced the “Rule-Based Order” to accept their existence and suppress their long-cherished desire to bring Liberal Democracy to these nations – not for the lack of trying.

The LDNP will not suffer the rule of the USA led “Rule-Based Order” anymore. They have waited long enough to be given a piece of the power held by the status quo. Like all empires in human history, the “Rule-Based Order” has neither shown the will nor desire to share a modicum of this power with them. They feel shamed, disgraced, exploited, ignored, and underestimated.

Finally, they decided to simply grab this power. They decided to tread the age-old path of simply taking what they believe is theirs. They reawakened the long thought dead era of Might is Right and here we are today.

The Multi-polar World

The LDNP will create a series of parallel institutions to challenge those under the “Rule-Based Order”. These new institutions will require members beyond the founding nations and here is the battle line is drawn by the “Rule-Based Order”.

The Talent hunt

The LDNP has a sizeable population, large enough to fuel a level of sustainable growth they define. But not the resources to maintain it. Therefore, to get access to more people and resources which are required to continuously legitimise their block, they will go talent hunting.

On this talent hunt, only so many nations, about half can possibly be poached in Asia and South America is basically off-limits (Monroe Document). The paradise with talents up for grabs is Africa.

The Fate of Africa

African nations will be faced with a difficult decision which sadly we are not allowed the option of not choosing or staying neutral. Though, whatever decision we make will result in grave consequences for us. The coming months and years will force us to face the dreaded African question of the legitimacy of its colonial borders and states. This schism which has been left unaddressed since the colonial exit from Africa will be exploited by all sides. Frankly, it is too late for Africa to fix this schism.

The different Ethnic Nations enclosed in colonial African contraptions will be supported to determine their fate. Age-old animosity, exploitation, and denial of sovereignty will come to the fore. At the end of this decade, Africa will be a very different continent with borders reflecting the constituent Ethnic Nations.


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LNDP – The League of Disgruntled Nuclear Powers

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