A Nigerian Addiction to Potential

An average Nigerian can parrot the potential of Nigeria in their sleep without forethought.

Giant of Africa

Hope of the Black Nation

200 million population

World Power

These ideas are so enticing that we are willing to pay any price to realise them.

For an individual addicted to smoking, it’s always that last cigarette. Surely none will come after this. But we all know how it becomes a race to the bottom with destroyed lungs and cancer. A gradual increasingly painful death.

The potential of Nigeria has become a prison that Nigerians cannot escape. We believe in a miracle yet to be proven in human history, we would simply make it work.

It is said that the past doesn’t matter, so history is not thought of. You are asked to put the present behind you as your people keep getting massacred as the perpetrators continue to evade justice while living joyously before you.

The denial of reality will make Nigeria ultimately untenable. If we spend more time learning about the past, living in the present and extrapolating that to the future, we will understand the tragedy that is Nigeria and where it is going.

We have become incapable of living in this real Nigeria because we don’t want to confront our demons. But like the proverbial demon, it awaits us at every crossroad.

For a cure, an addict is advised to quit and going cold turkey is always advised. You are advised to take into account the possible impact of your actions on your lifestyle, health and family.

For the Nigerian addicted to potential, you need to take a deep breath, and take a holistic view of your problems before putting your thumb to paper. Some valid questions you should ask are below:

  • Will the perpetrators of insecurity stop for coming elections?
  • After having you 8 manageable years, power is zoned back to the north. Who will you vote for from the north in 2032?

The question above is so important and should strike fear in your heart. You must consider these questions. Failure to do so will lead us back to this very moment in 2032.

It is said that accepting you have an addiction is the first step to getting cured. We all need to accept the world as it is and live in reality. To continue to live in the illusionary world filled with the potential of what Nigeria could be will ultimately lead to more deaths and deprivation.

Spend the time needed to consider what is worth fighting for.

Author: Michael Sobande (https://asiri.substack.com)

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